Gotta Go Display Box


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This 1/4" scale Quick Mini includes the kit and instructions for a display box for a 1/4" vintage bathroom. Included in the kit are the paper doll wallpaper, flooring, window, scene behind the window and the box itself. (The box has a tile trim around the opening and includes Plexiglas for the front and top.)

When we bought our house over 25 years ago it came with a pink and black bathroom and I found it charming. We tried to update it a little with a new black faux marble floor and some paper dolls glued onto the wallpaper, but...after 25 years it was obvious that it had 'Gotta Go'! We thought we would immortalize our old pink and black bathroom by making one in miniature.

This display box is made to fit 'Gotta Go #1 and #2' to make a complete little vintage bathroom display.