Gotta Go #1


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This 1/4" scale Quick Mini includes the kit and instructions for a bathroom sink and cabinet, mirror, 2 hanging towels and a pair of slippers. The towels, slippers and faucets have been 3d printed, the sink has been cast out of resin and the sink cabinet and mirror have been laser cut (and there are even some saw cut pieces in there - just trying to show off all of our skills).

When we bought our house over 25 years ago it came with a pink and black bathroom and I found it charming. We tried to update it a little with a new black faux marble floor and some paper dolls glued onto the wallpaper, but...after 25 years it was obvious that it had 'Gotta Go'! We thought we would immortalize our old pink and black bathroom by making one in miniature.

This kit can be used with 'Gotta Go #2' as a vintage bathroom in any 1/4" house (you paint the color - it doesn't have to be pink and black)...or it can be done as a small separate display by putting both the kits in the 'Gotta Go Display Box'.