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1/4" Chicago Bungalow

                Chicago is home to over 80,000 bungalows, most built between 1910 and 1940.  The distinctive style of the Chicago bungalow is instantly recognizable and this 1/4” version has all the classic markers - brick construction, one and a half stories over a full basement, a porch on one side with the steps rising from street level, a low hipped roof with wide overhangs and a center dormer window.

            A lot of research went into this house and much of that information and inspiration came from the Chicago Bungalow Association.  They have an absolutely wonderful website and anyone who loves bungalows should check it out - www.chicagobungalow.org.  The more I worked on this house, the more I loved the Chicago Bungalow Association, so, as a thank you for everything they do to help bungalow owners (both large and small), I donated the prototype of this house to them. 

Chicago Bungalow

Chicago Bungalow



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