Quarter Scale Dollhouse Miniatures
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White Christmas House Class

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Whether you know them as Putz Houses, Glitter Houses or simply as a Christmas Village, the glittery little holiday houses have been found on mantles and under Christmas trees for nearly a century. Originating in Germany, families would decorate elaborate little holiday scenes in their homes to celebrate Christmas. In this country, “Putzen” – to decorate, became “putzing” – taking your time to decorate. Combining a love for Christmas decorations and miniatures, this glitter and snow covered house for your mantle is actually a ¼” scale dollhouse and is open in the back with four little rooms just waiting to be decorated. This kit is lasercut out of binderboard. Includes papers for the interior and lots and lots of glitter.

Molly Cromwell's Sturbridge Show

May 30  $105

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